Day 1 with LowerNine


Today was our first day with LowerNine! We began our day talking with Laura, the Executive Director of LowerNine, learning more about the Lower Ninth Ward pre-Katrina and post Katrina. After hearing some of the shocking statistics, we went over our project assignment regarding the worn down fence at the LowerNine house and then we went to Home Depot to buy necessary supplies to repair the fence.


Once we got back to LowerNine, our first task was pulling the weeds around the fence, so we could begin to paint. From there, we started to pull any old fence slats that were in a bad condition and then replaced them with new ones. We still have a few more to switch out, but we will finish that tomorrow. After replacing the fence slats, we started painting the fence. And for getting a late start into the day, I have to say we got a lot done.


Tomorrow we will either finish the fence if the weather permits or work on other projects LowerNine needs indoors. After a long day, we headed back to the hotel to shower and wash off the sweat and paint.


For dinner we walked to Mother’s Restaurant and shared some amazing pecan pie, sweet potato pie, and bread pudding. As soon as we finished dinner, we walked back to the hotel for an early night.

We had a great first day and can’t wait to go back tomorrow!


*Check out the photos page to see all the pictures from our trip.


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