Day 3 with LowerNine


Today was our last day with LowerNine. Because we finished the fence yesterday, today we were helping wherever LowerNine needed us. We were sent to Errol and Esther’s house, which happens to be the house I worked on last year when I came to work with LowerNine.

IMG_3860 DSCF0612 DSCF0610

It was really great to see the progress they have made on their house, but it was also shocking to see that they weren’t moved in yet. After talking with Errol and Esther about the work that needed to be done, we cleaned the bathroom tiles so they will be able to grout it later, installed baseboards, painted doors, installed door knobs, and helped clean and organize their workspace. Errol and Esther are such good, loving people and so appreciative of everything we do, even when we mess up a little.

After finishing at Errol and Esther’s house, we drove around the Lower Ninth Ward. After Hurricane Katrina, 100% of the properties were rendered uninhabitable. It is unbelievable how many homes look untouched since Katrina happened, almost 11 years ago. The closer you get to where the levee breach was, the more damage and untouched homes you will see. However, Brad Pitt’s organization, Make It Right, has built over 109 homes in the Lower Ninth Ward.


Once we finished showering and resting up, we went out to dinner at Café Beignet for all day breakfast food and of course, gumbo. Afterwards, we walked around the French Quarter shopping for t-shirts and looking at the street artists, painters, and fortune tellers. We stopped for Ice Cream at Little Vic’s and then headed back to the hotel to pack before we leave tomorrow morning.

We had such a great time here in New Orleans and especially working with LowerNine. Hopefully we will get a chance to come back and help soon!


*Check out the photos page to see all the pictures from our trip.


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